The Very Long Version of my Artist Statement: Part 3

I didn’t paint for awhile. Life was very full.

Eventually, my husband built me a great little outdoor gazebo which I painted in until I became consumed with what school was and wasn’t for one of our children. After doing private school, public school, and homeschooling, we landed at a cooperative charter school. I was very, very cooperative, which is to say, I volunteered at that school like my everything depended on it. This was all good, but left precious little time for painting. My cute little gazebo studio became a storage space. Ugh. 

As you may have found to be true in your own life, things never stay the same. To sum up: our kids grew, my body healed, we moved, we remodeled again (AGH!) and I bought a lot more paint. 

These days, my neck doesn’t hurt any more, my kids are big as is my current studio and I paint more than ever. My artistic style has and will evolve, and amidst the various nightmarish chapters of my time on the planet, there has always been beauty. 

Sharing the experience of beauty, amidst the pain, chaos, and process of self discovery we all go through in life is at the heart of my art-making. And that is what I mean when I say:

I perceive my being in the world as a form of call and response.
To sense the invitation of beauty is the call—my response is how I live, and the art I create. While my painting style varies, the through line is consistent; all things botanical, from the out-of-doors, and how I both see and feel light are my constant muse. My art is an honest reflection of the time and place I inhabit and I tend to think of each piece I create as a thank you I compose in private, and then publicly share. My artwork is an invitation to my fellow humans to marvel along with me at all that inspires us in this life and world. 

And that is the altogether very long version of my artist statement. ☼

Living that extra full mom life with my two cuties and searing residual pain on the back of my head. 
And no, my one eye isn't winky because of the strokey strokes, it's just always been like that. Heh!