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World Relief Burundi is primarily involved in sustainable development, but their staff will intervene when they identify children who need emergency relief immediately.

1-EdisaEdisa says nothing. She is seven, but her body is so starved that her little strength is consumed with standing and watching. She’s been to the malnutrition clinic before, but this time there are visitors. She moves close to the one interviewing her mother’s neighbor. The neighbor points to her as an example of severe malnourishment. Later, she squeezes next to the lady with the log book and sneaks a look into Kristin’s camera. The health expert recognizes how close she is to death. He takes her to a convent orphanage. She eats. She heals. Her dignity, her potential and her challenge peak out of the wood at us, still watching.
~Dawn Harrell

photo by Kristin Geer

 Edisa is a part of the Kira! series

18” x 18” • acrylic on board • SOLD

All proceeds go to World Relief Burundi.

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