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Bukuru and Butoyi

Bukuru and Butoyi

Bukuru and Butoyi

Bukuru and Butoyi mean ‘heavy and little’ in Kirundi.

1-mother of twins smiling

Twins are always nicknamed Bukuru and Butoyi, “first and second” or “heavy and little,” but this mama’s twins are both little. Too little. This is her third visit to the malnutrition clinic and the MUAC tape around the twins’ arms still measures red. Severely malnourished. In a rare display of emotion, Mama’s eyes leak tears as she listens to World Relief staff counsel her to add soy or peanut flour to their porridge. Behind her camera, Kristin also weeps. She is a mother, too. June captures shame and grief, breaking across Mama’s cheeks as she tries to smile bravely. ~Dawn Harrell

 photo by Kristin Geer

Bukuru and Butoyi is a part of the Kira! series

18” x 18” • acrylic on board • $500

All proceeds go to World Relief Burundi.

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